Suzzy Roche


Suzzy Roche was one-third of the female vocal folk-rock group from New Jersey known as the Roches. With their lovely harmonies and quirky lyrics, their music was, much like this first novel, idiosyncratic and uniquely humorous. The story fluctuates in time and place, from Glasgow and upstate New York to Nashville and San Francisco as Roche turns her experiences as a musician into fodder for fiction. Mary Saint is a former lead singer of a defunct indie band with the unlikely name of Sliced Ham and a penchant for odd song titles (“Sewer Flower” and “You’re a Pig”). After the death of a fellow band member and lover, she decides to leave the music world. The other main character is Mary’s mother, Jean Saint, who has her own set of troubles. Roche pokes fun at the music business in ways that only a true insider can while offering insights into family, faith, and the past. Fans of the Roches will enjoy this tale, as will any reader who values a well-turned phrase or a story well told.