Ted Rall

  • * Pulitzer Prize finalist

  • * Syndicated Cartoonist Appearing in Over a Hundred Newspapers and Magazines

Ted Rall is one of America’s most controversial and unapologetically left-of-center political commentators, and the biographer of Edward Snowden and Bernie Sanders. Rall works in editorial cartoons, columns, and as a comics journalist whose work sometimes leads him to war correspondency. Rall began editorial cartooning in the 1980s with a handful of alternative weekly newspapers whose editors found his photocopied work hanging from lampposts in New York City.  In 1991 San Francisco Chronicle Features began syndicating Rall’s three-times-a-week editorial cartoons syndication with newspapers including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Des Moines Register and Philadelphia Daily News. Universal Press Syndicate picked up Rall’s cartoons in 1996. Today the man called “the most controversial cartoonist in America” appears in more than 100 newspapers throughout the United States, ranging from the Washington Post to SF Weekly.


Rall was called “treasonous” by the right-wing Weekly Standard and “anti-American” by the Wall Street Journals conservative editorial page. The Right Wing News website named him 2003’s “Most Annoying Liberal” and was named number 15 in Bernard Goldberg’s book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.  He has received death threats.


Rall draws cartoons about state and local issues for the The Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Weekly and The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He also draws non-political strips for MAD magazine and cartoon journalism for EurasiaNet, a news website about the former Soviet republics of Central Asia.


Four collections of Rall’s cartoons have been published: Waking Up In America, All The Rules Have Changed, Search and Destroy, and America Gone Wild, as well as three award-winning graphic novels, My War With Brian, Real Americans Admit:  The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done! and 2024, a parody of Orwell’s 1984.  He edited an influential three-volume anthology of alternative weekly political cartoons, Attitude. He wrote the bestselling 1998  “generational manifesto” Revenge of the Latchkey Kids. He is the author of graphic biographies of Edward Snowden and Bernie Sanders.


Rall covered the war in Afghanistan in cartoon form, where his harrowing experience—3 of the 44 journalists with whom he traveled were killed—led to the critically acclaimed book To Afghanistan and Back. Rall’s most recent book is The Book of Obama: From Hope and Change to the Age of Revolt. Coming in August 2014 is a major work of comix journalism and prose based on his coverage of the U.S. experience in Afghanistan, After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You Back as Honored Guests.