Why it’s Special

“BOOKTHEWRITER is experiential, adding a tangibly different aspect to appreciating a book.”
Gary Weinstein, book group host

“New Yorkers want a unique experience!”
Jamie Dennison, book group host

Your book group is reading a fascinating book, and you’ve got a lot of questions. How did the author come up with that incredible twist? Was the story outlined in advance or did it flow naturally? Was the experience of writing this book different from that of the author’s other books? What was it about this book that made the author commit years of his or her life to its creation?
BOOKTHEWRITER authors have a lot in common with you. They love books and they love to talk about books — including their own. And they’re your neighbors here in the city (or visit frequently) — so why not invite one of them along to your next meeting?
BOOKTHEWRITER represents over 100 writers who live in or frequently visit New York. They are bestselling authors, National Book Award Winners, Pulitzer Prizewinners, New Yorker magazine and New York Times journalists, Ivy League professors, and major media figures, and they’re available to visit book groups in and around the city*. And when we say “visit” do we mean phone in? We do not. Do we mean Skype in? Nope. We mean ringing the doorbell, taking a seat, having a glass (or a mug) of whatever you’re having, and joining the conversation.
Having the author there in the room with you changes the book group experience utterly. Instead of wondering what the novelist was thinking when she created a character or situation, you can ask. You might hear that a non-fiction project grew out of a short story, or a biography began life as a novel, or that a long and complex work of fiction started life as an article for a magazine about something that seems entirely unrelated. You might learn how like the author you are, or how very different, or you might discover a connection to the writer or the work in a thoroughly surprising way. Even if the book is not one of your favorites, the conversation can be potent and enlightening.
You might end up baking cookies with Amanda Hesser, talking clothes with Ilene Beckerman, peeking behind the scenes of The Real Housewives of New York City with Carole Radziwill, reliving the glory days of Spy Magazine with Kurt Andersen or Saturday Night Live with Alan Zweibel, or hearing the song Suzzy Roche wrote for the rock star protagonist of her novel. Discuss great artists, writers, and historical figures with their biographers, and read the books . And while many of our authors draw large crowds at book signings, try having a substantive conversation about their work when there are people in line behind you waiting to have their books signed!
For a truly special book group experience: BOOKTHEWRITER.
(For tips on hosting a great book group, follow this link.)

“Meeting with a book group is a more intimate experience. Questions turn into conversations.” — Christina Baker Kline, author, Orphan Train

Not all BOOKTHEWRITER authors are available to travel to book groups beyond city limits, but most are.