If revenge truly is a dish best served cold, then Andrea Geller willingly digs deep into her freezer to conjure up a devious plot to expose what she believes is her stepmother’s role in the death of Andrea’s beloved father. Not only is Andrea a talented painter and an art professor at the same university as America’s most prolific and celebrated novelist but she also lives across the street from the enigmatic writer. Andrea easily ingratiates herself into Loretta Partlow’s life, quickly becoming her friend and confidante. This plays right into Andrea’s plan to sufficiently interest Partlow in the details behind her father’s mysterious death, hoping that the surefire best-seller she’ll write will reveal her stepmother’s culpability. Partlow, however, has secrets and manipulative tendencies of her own, and as the two women perform their elaborate pas de deux, Andrea’s scheme takes on a sinister twist. Morris limns a rich psychological study of the obsessive nature of the creative spirit in this bewitching tale of delusion and desperation.