Mother of the Bride


When Ilene Beckerman told us the story of her clothes in Love, Loss, and What I Wore, she captivated women of all ages. Her story moved people to tears and made us laugh out loud, too. Ilene–“Gingy,” as she’s known–showed us ourselves.


Now Gingy looks at one of life’s happiest (and most stressful) events: the planning of a daughter’s wedding. Once again this Everywoman takes us lovingly, and hilariously, through another passage in a woman’s life. Whether it’s searching for a mother-of-the-bride dress that doesn’t look like something Mrs. Khrushchev would have worn, or choosing hors d’oeuvres that won’t give the guests indigestion, Gingy offers a fresh look at a subject that needs a fresh look.


She describes a year of agony and ecstasy—and along the way shares with us a mother’s love and expectations for her daughter.