HeadButler.com: The 100 Essentials


HeadButler was launched in 2004 as a cultural concierge web site that would direct readers to the best in books, music and movies. Because everything ever published, recorded or filmed is available online, editor Jesse Kornbluth was not limited to new releases; free to direct readers not only to the truly great stuff out now but also to the most popular novel of 1927, a ’30s movie too adult to be filmed today, or a CD made by a genius only insiders know about.


Over the past decade, Kornbluth (a legendary journalist and editor whose work at New York Magazine, Vanity Fair and AOL has enriched our cultural conversation for more than forty years), has published more than 1,500 reviews. HeadButler.com: The 100 Essentials brings them together in a guide to books, movies and music that ought to be required reading for everyone who cares about the arts.