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  • Not all of our authors can travel beyond Manhattan and Brooklyn, but we can often send writers to book groups all over New York City and to most of its suburbs. If you're in Boston, DC, LA, Chicago or the Bay Area, we have smaller lists of authors in your cities as well. If you're not in one of those areas but would like to keep up with our news, please sign up for the BOOKTHEWRITER newsletter. Thank you!
  • Not in a book group, or want to try out the Author/Book Group experience before booking an author? Come to one of our Pop-Up Book Groups, one-time gatherings with our writers. We set the author and book, the time and the place (private homes in Manhattan or Brooklyn), and you can sign up on an individual basis. We keep our book groups small (limited to fifteen participants) so that we can have the kind of intimate and insightful conversation BOOKTHEWRITER is known for. The one-time fee for our Pop-Up Book Groups is $50.00 To see our currently scheduled Pop-Up Book Groups, follow this link: Or check below to sign up for our Newsletter -- the best way to hear about new Pop-Ups as they're scheduled
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